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I just finished burning my DVD for Burbank with Nero and it actually came out great! At least it looks good on my computer when I popped the disc back in. Instead of using Nero's background template, I used one of my wallpapers for it. I think it looks rather nifty.

I was wanting to send in a video I've started for AvaStark from John Quixote since Paul Goddard is going to be there, but there is no possible way for me to finish it in time since I'm trying to do it a tad differently. Plus I'm trying to devote more time to finishing azuremonkey's charity video.

Anyway, the ones I'm sending in are Good Intentions and Under The Surface. I don't expect they'll win, but a girl's gotta try...right? Maybe they might even get played this time. *snerk*

Oh, one last thing. If you'd be so kind as to head over to chocolatyshatnr's and help her decide on which videos to send in for the contest, I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

Now off to shang-hi mom's tv for ten minutes to see if this disc will play...and look as good...in a reg. DVD player as it does on my computer.
Tags: burbank, vidding
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