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Video: Under The Surface

Notes: halcyon_shift this is a gift for all that you've done to encourage me in vidding, though maybe I shouldn't tell people that - some might actually put out a hit on your life finding out that little tidbit. ;)

But you encouraged me even when I decided to say frell off to the "video making rules" and decided to make these things in my own way. Then you went and pointed this song out to me a little over a year ago. I've been slowly working on it with no real thought to how I wanted to show it, so pretty much just throwing clips in for the hell of it to see how they went with the music. Then I became stuck when I started to actually try and think it through. When I stepped away from that, it became...this. Each person that'll view this will probably have their own interpretation of what they clips and music are conveying because I can't really put what the theme is into words.

This is so weird to be saying this about a video (it's cheeseball as hell), but this is sort of a gift of love because it combines two things I discovered at the same time: Farscape and Linkin Park (original version of this song), and through them music videos and I started a friendship with halcyon_shift. Long drawn out way to say thank you for teaching me and allowing me to fawn all over you and your talent. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Music: Krawling (remix) by Linkin Park (Mike Shinoda feat. Aaron Lewis)

Spoilers: All four seasons of Farscape

Link: Under The Surface

I hope you all enjoy it and please keep in mind that there will be ghost frames in this. One last thing, please feel free to tell me your emotional response to it. I love that to bits since well...I just love it since it's combining things I enjoy so much.

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