Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Puppies, neural clones and videos...Oh My!

*winces at that subject line*

I finally posted pics of the puppies this morning and went to do so for here, but I didn't feel like resizing them to fit on my lj and they wouldn't upload to photobucket before I had to leave again. So linky! Puppy dial-up killers.

I think Jacob is going to make me cry over his recap of Die Me Dichotomy, and I'm not even halfway through.

Stark attends Zhaan, all out of it still. Seeing him do these things... I can't get away from the idea that if you saw John doing these things, as John, you might actually just fall apart. Like The Ring or something. The whole Harvey's Lovely Daughter thing that happens later on is so, so much more frightening, though, because of having to watch John do all these things in a coldsuit.

If my back stops hurting soon, I'll be able to tighten up a couple clips on my video and post it.
Tags: farscape, pups, twop, vidding

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