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You spin me right round, baby. Right round like a record, baby

I was woke up this morning with good news and bad news.

Good news: WE'VE GOT PUPPIES!!
Two of them. Instead of having her babies in the place that mom had made up for her, away from any kid traffic, Minnie snuck into my niece S's bed and had them some time during the night. One is white with little brown tips on his/her ears. The other is black (dark brown) with a white spot between his/her eyes. Hopefully, I'll have pictures to post tonight.

Bad news: Bossman wants mom to find him another driver. Or companion is what he calls it. I'm not heartbroken, the man has barely said two words to me over a four day period. He wants someone that'll sit beside him as he plays bridge and to jump at his beck and call. Screw that. He says I can stay here until a replacement is found, but now I've got to figure out where I'm going to live soon. I don't get along with the kids at mom's, and my brother's place is too small for another adult to live there. Another little pickle is the fact even if I had a place I could immediately go to, I don't have the money (since he never paid me to do this job) to move and my minivan is still sitting broke down in my brother's drive way. *sigh*

Oh, well...We've got PUPPIES! Minnie growls whenever Yoda tries to come near her to cuddle and sleep like they normally would. *snicker* My brother already laid claim on the white/brown one, and the other will sold to a good home. Mom said she's going to make sure she finds a nice place. I suggested the bug man who used to spray her house for ants. He loves Chihuahuas, and kept trying to buy Yoda from me. Guy even had his dog's picture as his cell wallpaper. So he might be interested in the black one.
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