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Define Love in Farscape

I'm curious.

If you were to try and explain your definition of love using a scene, a word or a simple moment from Farscape, what would they be? These are the moments that define love for me. They were kind of written out of order as the thoughts for this came to me over the last week or so. Don't be skittish to answer. Everyone is going to have different ideas. I know mine run at tad on the morbid side for some people.

Nerve: John going down to the Gammak base. He knew that he really didn’t have a chance on his own going down to that base. That there were many cultural/regulatory differences within the Peacekeepers that he didn’t understand or know and it may very well trip him up. But he did it for her, she gave him the strength to do it just as she was getting strength from him to stay alive.

Dream a Little Dream: When Zhaan hallucinates John, Aeryn, and D’Argo coming to rescue her. The episode in general pretty much bites a bit, but I love it for this moment. You get to see how Zhaan has come to love and trust in them, especially John since he is the more emotional of those three that are missing. But you can see her view of their relationship so clearly in this scene by how she breaks down for him and very tired because she doubting herself. John plays the role of her conscience even though she knows this, even if she’s conjuring up expressions he’d use. Then there’s the little touching of the foreheads at the end before he leaves.

Liars, Guns & Money Part 3: See it's the actions leading up to the battle. It's emotion driving her, all of them, to save John when he's at his very lowest point. When they bust into the shadow depository to rescue John, each person from Moya goes into this eyes wide open to the dangers. It's more than just being lovers, friends, or even just a crewmate. There's a connection running through them all and it allows them to see more than just themselves or what might happen if failure occurs. In their eyes we can see that there really no other option but getting him out alive. (some of you may think part is familiar since it’s what I’d said for my one video set to this.)

Season of Death: Stark proposing marriage to Zhaan. This is one of the finest examples of innocent, pure, love. Their expressions say so much more than their words. He's terrified she'll say no, and Zhaan in wonder that he'd want to be with her. They complete and compliment each other at that moment and it says a lot that the proposal is occurs while Moya is above such a hostile environment.

Season of Death: When Zhaan shares Unity with Aeryn to bring her back. Selfless at the same time as being selfish because of the chance that it wouldn’t work and those that love them would be absent both instead of only Aeryn. I shudder to think what would have happened to them all if that had come about. Eep!

Sons and Lovers: When John refuses to leave D'Argo alone after freeing the cable from Moya. The love between two friends. Best damn thing on the planet next to finding the perfect love.

Into the Lions Den - part 2: I don't care what people say, Crais sacrificing himself and Talyn was out of love. Talyn was both a son and a brother to him. He was charged Tauvo's care as a child and even though he rationally knows that his death was an accident, he still feels guilt as only an older sibling could. And when he took Talyn – well, he was still a selfish bastard then, I think he felt it was a way at redeeming himself for what happened to Tauvo. He had to teach Talyn about life and try to guide him, and this helped Crais re-learned about real ties as he taught Talyn. When he first had to shut Talyn down in IYYY and he walks off quietly, it just breaks my heart seeing that. He felt real pride in the ship, different than what we first saw in Mind the Baby, and he knew that Talyn wouldn’t want to be the way he was.

PKwars: From the moment Aeryn asks John to get them out of there after the baby is born, and he answers ‘done’. God I can’t even put it into words really. It’s like in LGM part 3. They’re all gung ho. They’re shooting anything that moves so they can get all of them, their family, back home to Moya and the hell out of there.

PKwars: D’Argo’s goodbyes. With Aeryn it was a nod, no real words since none were needed between them. They both know the stakes better than anyone when it comes to war. With John they spoke, and touched each other’s chest and laughed. *gets Kleenex* One of the best frelling goodbyes between friends ever. *wipes tears* But with Chiana there was giving her a piece of himself with the Qualta Blade and she wants to stay there with him. Finally and. Once. In. For. All. And he wants her to live for him. *sobs* Sorry, that scene just gets to me every time.

PKWars: Chiana begging John to kill them all for killing her D’Argo. Love wrapped in vengeance. It’s twisted and beautiful at the same time because it’s pure.

ETA: WSS:Fetal Attraction: Noranti and Rygel. She's feeling guilty for causing the deaths on the Scarran station and for almost killing Rygel and he gives her his forgivness and tries to make her feel better.

PKwars: I should add this moment, even though it's heartbreaking at the same time, but you can see that Scorpius did feel something deeply, I like to think it's love, for Sikozu when he said, "And you have destroyed something unique."

Say what you will about Scorpius, he did care for her and her betrayal hurt him even more for it. I have a bad feeling he'll never let anyone that close to him ever again.

So what moments in the show define love to you?
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