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fanfic question

Is there a fic that brings up the subject of Gilina not being on the Zelbinion in PK Tech Girl?

If there isn't, then I offer up the bunny to anyone that would like it, and I propose that it be done as a 5 Things fic. Because there might be a few interesting things that come from the idea if she wasn't on the ship when they found it. Such as:

1. She wouldn't have helped John when he went to the Gammack base.
2. They wouldn't have known that the Defense Shield was somewhat salvageable.

Which would lead to:
3. No DS to help with the specimen ship in My Three Crichton.
4. They don't stay around long enough to face the Sheyang. How would that effect what happens in LGM?

Kind of iffy on this one:
5: Aeryn wouldn't have gotten jealous when she caught John and Gilina getting their groove on, and he wouldn't have known she'd found him 'interesting' in the beginning.

There may be something I'm missing here that could be effected by them not meeting her.

By the way, the subject came to mind because of the new recap on TWoP for PK Tech Girl

Another bunny I had the other day:

What if John decided to actually help Scorpius after he heard his history in ITLD? That one would have to be done carefully executed or it'll be completely fubar'd, and it is way beyond me. Both bunnies are which is why I'm giving them away if they haven't been done before.
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