Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

A Little Plea

Can someone please talk about Cameron and Teal'c in Counterstrike other than they worked well together and/or they cute? I am completely Vala'd out. I'm tired of her. I'd like to hear how people think about the guys relationships and how you all think they are developing. Just a little side not to this request, anyone else notice the room that Teal'c and Cameron went into and noticed Dakara had a nice big bed in it? :D

Do you think they're growing closer as a unit because of the situation or because of their personalities?

Do you think that they would have become as strong as they are now if the Ori hadn't shown up on their doorstep?

If they were to have some sort of conflict between any of them, what do you think would cause turmoil?

Talk about anything. Just not Vala! Pretty please?
Tags: sg1
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