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Don't ask me where this came from.

Author's Note: I was just watching a Buffy video, and this hit me for some reason because of the lyrics. I don't even know how well I caught Xhalax Sun with this drabble. Yeah, you heard me...Xhalax Sun. I don't even like those episodes that much. This hasn't had a beta, so please feel free to hit me if I've screwed something up.
Spoilers: Relativity and just to be on the safe side, The Choice.

Secure Yourself

I saw myself, bleeding and cold, in her eyes. Unforgivable fear hiding behind strength that I did not possess, and I hate her even more for it. Shoving away a modicum of pride.

This was my child.

A mistake I would make again. And again.

Weakness of my own heart, weakness that does not belong. I am a Peacekeeper. Born and Bred. Peacekeepers are my mother and father. That is all I need. They deserve strength. Not emotion bonds.

Bonds hold you down; hold you back from doing your best in service.

She is my bond. I must sever this bond. It is my duty, my breeding.
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