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Last night M was listening to the conversation between me, A, and A's sister J, who was crying because of an ex-boyfriend. I pointed out that maybe M shouldn't be listening to us and A stated at least she's finding out about how guys can be.

That resulted in this convo:
Me: This one (pointing at M) is smart enough to go to college and get the hell out of this kind of life.
M: Whatcha talkin about, I'm going to Africa.
Me: I don't think there's a big need for oceanographers in Africa.
M: Yeah, but at least I know I don't want to be an astronaut. (this has to do with her brother H wanting to be either a cop or an astronaut.)
Me: *blink* Why not?
M: Well, if I go to outer space, I sure as heck wouldn't use any space ships from here, they can't build them worth a crap.
Me: So you're just going to wait for the aliens to come pick you up?
M: Yup! (giving me the biggest, cheesiest grin)
Me: Remind me to warn you about hitchhiking with aliens one day, m'kay.
M: Don't bother, my towel is in my bookbag.
Me: *falls off the edge of the bed laughing as the two sisters look at us both as if we're completely off our nut.*

A little bit later I got kind of freaked out because M told me about her dream the night before about a huge haunted house. What was freaky about it was that I'd had the same type of dream (huge haunted house). I'd even written about it in my little journal I have beside my bed so I couldn't forget about it. Okay, now that's a bit strange!

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