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Vid: My Darling

I know Unchained Melody has been done a few times. But I don't mean Shippy. I mean all the things that make Farscape. You know, all the explosions and fights, some kissin'. Basically the crew kickin' butt.

As you can see, Cajnjirl made a particular request over on TF, and I've done my best to fulfill it for her.

I'd wanted to do that same type of video for a while because I've always loved the way that one of the biggest gunfight sequences in the movie Face Off was set to Somewhere Over The Rainbow. So this is, sort of, a homage to that.

I'd intended to do this to all of the big action sequences within the series, but only one (aside from the shootout in PKWars) really went with this song. Because it shows the heart and love of the show, the crew, and that action scene is what Farscape is about. Give and take. Sacrifice no matter the cost to themselves. At least to me.

The song is Unchained Melody set to the rescue in the finale of the Liars, Guns, and Money trilogy. I hope you all love it as much as I do.

I've really got to work on my titles, they're getting worse.

Sorry about the file size, but it is down from the 71 mb it was in the beginning. One day I'll figure out how to get these suckers to finish at a decent size without rendering 3-4 times.

Only nine eight videos left to finish now.

* runs to go hide now*
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