Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

play by play reaction to Eureka 1x02

Look at me, actual episode reactions two days in a row.

too bad funerals really don't have holograms.

i think they're beautiful memorials.

and i have grown to hate the phrase: for the greater good. LOL

i hear it all the time now on tv.

what the heeeellll?

Didn't she get murdered in the last episode?


i want a flying car

a blue one

and i like henry. LOL

he's definitely the guy to have around for all occasions: disasters...or family reunions. I think those two actually go hand in hand.

i like him saying that bit about not thinking of the batteries.

shows how even geniuses can't think of everything without a push.

dr. stark *snerk*

that just doesn't sound right for some reason.

aww. poor kid.

all alone like that, and with that horrible haircut.

allison is very cool for taking care of him though. I really like her character. Nice combination of business and empathy, plus she's really attractive. :D

*snerk* fargo is bad at sneaky.

"You might want to be careful with this. It's a portable generator."


"A fission powered...portable generator."

"Okay. Don't sleep on the nuclear powered device. Good safety tip."


okay i want that house just for the cool tunnel.

jazz music and a fire? is this a date?

"Fargo, is that you talking like a girl?" *snerk*

oh daaaaamn. now i really want the house.

i'd be having fun playing with buttons!

oh ya. i'm in love with the house. i so want that big tv!

fargo is crushing on jack. And that is so his voice for S.A.R.A.H

uh...how hard is it to tell a dead from alive person? ha!

ya, that is very creepy walter. no cookie for you dude.

i mean if you were still alive.

What's with Fargo and the voices? *ignores the fact i used to do the same thing at the answering service*

waiting on Sarah Michelle Geller's people. HA! he's going to be waiting for a looong time.

okay allison's husband looks too much like james brolin. blech!

the director of research of the most advanced scientific facility in the world doesn't see ghosts?

well you might if your name is STARK!

that's a lot of bodies.

i need to see a geek about a ghost. ha!

i like this susan perkins.

I do not like this Beverly chick.

jack is smart. good for him to check out the power surge. :D

we're going to need a bigger battery. nice jaws reference dude. lol

oh that's neat with the ghost and the school!

And that is so neat that Susan automatically protected 'her' son! yay!

i think its his dad

yes! i knew it was walter!

Stuck between seconds? Now that's a cool concept. Sucks for Walter though. :p

henry is too cool. c-o-r p-o-r e-a-l

you've got to love a smart ass genius

ha! the house is pissed at him for being late!

*cue soft romantic music*

"I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

petting the door?!


"I promise."

The music at that moment just so makes the scene perfect.

oh god no. zoe's back.

seriously falling in love with this show.

you can now start the countdown to cancellation.
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