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I talk too much

No surprise there. I was in the middle of nice little discussion on MSN with thehallway and I switched my icon to my slash John/John one. Well, Sarahjane suggested I should write a slash fic for that. Since I've said my slash writing days are kind of over now....I propose a challenge. It may be even good for the SACoC if you like, and it could be double the fun. *g* Any type of John/John slash, AU or taking place before the end of Thanks For Sharing. I know that Mayaan did a damn fine one here while back, but that's the only one that I know of.

ETA: Another possibility for the challenge. Aeryn and both Johns at the same time. *g* I admit it. I'm smut horndog, and damn proud of it. I got to feed my dirty mind.
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