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My Sweet Charity fic for poisontaster.

Author's Note: Written for poisontaster for winning my Ho services during sweetcharityvox's last auction. Thank you so much for bidding on me for such a good charity. I apologize to you and halcyon_shift (who I should also thank muchly for putting the auction on) for the tardiness of this story and that it's not exactly what you (nor I) had in mind. Thank you so much to Sarahjane for once more venturing into one of my stories and doing the beta. All other mistakes are mine, and all feedback is welcome.
Characters/Pairing: John/Aeryn
Rated: PG (for language)
Setting: LATP Pts 1&2. (no spoilers beyond that)
Disclaimer: Not mine. If it was, we'd have a Farscape channel.

Sink or Swim


It’s the end of the world and he wants to get off.

Not that that’s unusual.

It’s the end of life as they know it and she wants to run.

Now that is strange. Almost as strange as an astronaut getting lost on the other side of the galaxy.

They’re on opposite sides. No way to see eye to eye because there’s a huge wall running between them.

Pride goeth before the fall.

He’s not worried about his pride. He’s scared. Terrified. And wondering if leather pants are shit-proof.

He didn’t want to come here. Didn’t want any of this. He never had daydreams of becoming the magical prince in a fairytale.

She wants him to turn tail and run. He would love to oblige her. He doesn’t want to stay.

But where?

The end is nigh goddamnit, and the reaper is breathing down his neck.

Fuck, run, or fight. He chooses to hide. So what if it’s behind an imperial iron skirt. He needs a moment to breathe, to clear his head before things slip off the edge and he ends up on a silver platter.

They’re on opposite sides, but want the same thing; only the wall is almost too high.
Tags: fic, sweetcharity

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