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here we go again

I keep coming up with different things instead of writing on what I want to write.
I think this is because I keep thinking of a sequel to Harbinger of Sorrow. This has minor spoilers for Different Destinations.

Hope...home...warmth spreading over his body.

Small children's cries as they played outside.

Raindrops hitting the roof hard on a cold drizzly day.

Opening weary eyes, John stared out the window he was propped up against. Raindrops turned red as they hit the ground. The children's cries were not of glee, but pain and fear as the soldiers steadily tore through the small town.

"CRICHTON! CRICHTON!" The nurse Kelsa's voice screamed out to him, pleading, for not the first time in over a cycle.

'Not again. I won't let this happen again,' John thought as he picked up the pulse rifle and walked to the door of the small dwelling.

"John, whatever you want to do..." Aeryn said, lightly grabbing his arm. "...I will back you, but you have to think things through clearly."

"Oh, I'm clear on this, Aeryn. I'm not going to let these people...these kids die when I can stop it this time."

Staring at him a moment, Aeryn remember the shared pain they each felt for the lost nurses and children at the Jocation Memorial.

"Fine then," she replied, picking up her own pulse rifle. "Let's do something about it then."

Holding out his hand, John smiled at her a moment before opening the door. "It's just you and me against the world huh?"

Aeryn grabbed his hand and returned the smile. "Until the end, John."

Dropping their hands, both walked outside under the rain heavy sky and began firing at anything wearing a uniform.

I was looking at some of my old stories. It's funny. I don't remember the actual writing of Moments. I need to go back through and tweek up Shoot the Wind and To Serve at some point. I can't believe it's been a year since I wrote those. It's official..I'm getting old. *g*

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