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two Farscape ficlets

Grandma's doing better. They're moving her out of ICU today. That's good news for once. The old broad is pretty tough still. I love her to death. I used to think she was a mean old lady when I was a kid because she kind of favored my sister. Then we visited her up in Arkansas when I was 15 and she spent most of her time watching Mtv with me, turned out she liked Duran Duran. *g*

Some random thoughts that hit me after watching IYYY last night. Now if I can just get off my ass and type up 2 Johns. I'll be happy.

Suction Control

Counting down the days.

Counting down the arns.

Counting down each microt.

Where are you? Are you happy?

*laughter* Oh, to see that smile one more time.

Are you in pain?

If you are...how do I make it go away? Is he there comforting you instead? Holding your head, your hand, your heart.

Frozen time, frozen hearts, frozen tears in the night.

And all I can do is count down the days.

Something goofy I did for farscapefriday
Suction Control

"Ouch! Will you stop that?"

"Quit being a baby...this will hurt for only a short time. Your body will adjust to the suction."

"Adjust hell! It's about to rip it off."

"Can't I just use a bucket or something? You guys do have buckets out here right?"

"Try sqeezing it a little tighter, because you are not using a bucket and fouling up the air in here."

"Now who's being the baby?"


"Alright. Alright. So I'll just squeeze this thing a little tighter, watch out for my fingers, and let her rip."

"Just don't get any of that oil on the hanger floor. I do not think the DRDs can process that type of chemical properly."

Seems that not too many people liked Souls Parted, Souls Met. Oh well, I'm still proud of it. I think I've worked out of my slash writing tendencies now. I'll just stick to reading them for now on.

There's a new story in The Red and The Black series by Penemuel. I'm still reading it, but so far it's pretty damn good.

One more thing...Tatanka, I don't know if you recieved my email because of AOL being wonky, but I just wanted to thank you very much for the kind words you said about the luvfest. *hug*
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