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Thank the Goddess!

I am finally done with Harbinger of Sorrow! Halle-fucking-lluah!!!!!
All I have to do is proof it and send it to the wonderful FBF. Who I'm afraid is going to find a ton wrong with it. I have never had such a tough time with a fic's voice before. What's bad is I had it all in my head where I wanted this to go. But nooo...Grayza had to be a bitch and give me a hard time...LOL I think I need to give up writing before it drives me schizophrenic. AHHHHH!!!!
But of course if I stop writing, my head will explode with the story ideas I keep having.

It's weird...Jeremy at work actually asking me to write him a story to go along with his class assignment, but hey...it's all cool. I love his drawings and computer pics. They actually gave me a great idea for a little short story they were so beautiful.

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