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Well, I finally finished the SN episode Asylum, and I liked the beginning of it. More great effects and creep factor.

It reminded me of House on Haunted Hill mixed with Crackers Don't Matter, didn't help that they had the doc's name was almost the same either. (Vannacutt = Ellicott) But the spirit of the head doctor was nowhere as good as in that movie because no one can out-creepify Jeffery Combs.

In fact the story kinda started falling flat for me once Sam was affected by him. It was pretty obvious he was going to be attacked somehow once they separated because the girl asked him if Dean was his 'boss'.

If that is rage, then Sam must have the temperament of a chia-pet. It was pretty weak. Of course I'm spoiled because of John Crichton in CDM.

I liked the fact that Dean got onto the couple about going into the institution and saying 'Don't you watch scary movies?' Yes, I'm paraphrasing since it was almost 1am by the time I got to finish watching the episode.

Overall, I liked the episode, I just thought it could have ended a bit stronger.

ETA: And yes it put such a big smile on my face to see that gorgeous car has the license plate with KAZ on it.
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