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About this little show called Supernatural

What would you guys say are the scariest episodes?

I want to do up a DVD of some of them for my niece M. If you are kind enough to contribute, please keep in mind that I have weaned this girl on horror movies since she was 5 years old. Pinhead was her favorite monster for a long time and she didn't think The Ring was scary. The only movies that has been able to freak her a bit have been The Grudge and The Ring 2.

I know for sure that Asylum will on it. The only episode I know for sure that I won't put on is Bugs. *makes the sign of the cross at the critters* I don't like bugs! M doesn't care for them much. *g*

I haven't seen all the episodes, which is why I'm asking you all. I'm still only half-way through Asylum since folks are kind enough to frelling keep interrupting me.

Thanks in advance guys!
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