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Pr0n, Batman, Jedi Knights, and Madonna

This is an example of the typical conversation between lizamanynames and I. Fortunately for you all, this is tame compared to our voice chats.

Kaz: so you're getting ready to get your game on?
bluebanikbabe: LOL yeah - I am Jedi! Hear me *zwown* *zwown* *KSSHHT!*
Kaz: *snerk*
bluebanikbabe: :D
bluebanikbabe: I'm so cute I make myself sick. *gags*
Kaz: the closest i've ever gotten to RPGing SW was me, my brother, and our cousin used to beat the living shit out of each other with sticks playing at being jedi knights in the garage when we lived in minnesota.
bluebanikbabe: *ROTFL*
Kaz: we hadn't even seen empire strikes back or return of the jedi, but i'd read the books so that was good enough. LOL
Kaz: that's about the same age where i learned how to baton a shovel handle because i wanted to be like Dar from beastmaster.
Kaz: i better get no weird looks from you either. *sticks out tongue*
bluebanikbabe: DUDE! that's awesome
Kaz: hehe
Kaz: there have been many times where i knocked the shit out of my head with that son of a bitch.
bluebanikbabe: "Not counten them three months I was in the hospital, bat hit me rght on the head BAM."
Kaz: ouch!
bluebanikbabe: Sorry, A Legue of Their Own is one of the movies I randomly quote
Kaz: but i can balance just about any stick on my finger tip for close to ten minutes because of that stuff.
Kaz: no wonder that was familiar!
Kaz: what does it say about a clutz that can trip over flat ground but can balance a broom handle for long periods of time?
bluebanikbabe: "you sure it didn't hit your behind cause THAT looks really swolen"
bluebanikbabe: it says you are TALENTED
Kaz: *spew*
Kaz: lol
bluebanikbabe: It's funnier when Madonna says it, really.
Kaz: this is a true fact. ;)
bluebanikbabe: Randomness: ...EVERYTHING is funnier whan Madonna says it!!!
Kaz: LOL
bluebanikbabe: No really, try it! Imagine something funny.... now imagine Madonna saying it.
bluebanikbabe: It's a universal law of comendy, like "Batman makes everything funny."
bluebanikbab: Logically, Batman and Madonna together would be the FUNNIEST THING EVER
Kaz: or a sign of the apocolypse.
bluebanikbabe: ...and did I mention I'm workiong on four hours sleep and half a litre of Dr pepper?
bluebanikbabe: Also still high on Paul.
Kaz: yikes!
Kaz: then you should be writing porn not RPGing!
Kaz: just kidding.
Kaz: why haven't you slept?
bluebanikbabe: combination of insomnia + Mike woke me up
Kaz: ah
Kaz: i hate when that happens.
bluebanikbabe: and dude, nobody wants to read porn I write when I'm this wired.
bluebanikbabe: it's be like "LOL LOL LOL and then Stark stuck his THIMNGIE in JOHN LOL LOL LOL"
bluebanikbabe: ...I think I just BROKE Kaz.
bluebanikbabe: *pokes her with stick* You still in your chair?
Kaz: not possible. since that sounds like my porn before it goes to beta!
bluebanikbabe: LOL LOL LOL okay you win
Kaz: honey, you poke me, you better bye me flowers cause in this part of the country that's a date.
bluebanikbabe: *buys you flowers*
Kaz: *buy not bye
bluebanikbabe: "...and then, they did the buttsex. The end."
Kaz: *falls out of chair*
bluebanikbabe: *WINS*
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