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Passing this on from sabaceanbabe

Petition to ABC to bring back Invasion. Please sign!

This is the comment I left along with my signature.

It's rare to find a television show that brings so many elements together in one place: drama, fantasy, adventure, intrigue, and showing how a typical family deals with these elements in a realistic fashion. Invasion had all of these things combined with above par storytelling.

While it may be simpler to stick with bubblegum TV shows that are no more costly than pulling a toy from a Crackerjack box, it is an insult to the abilities of the actors, writers and crew that this show has been cancelled, as well as an insult to the American viewers who are looking for more than simplistic filler. So I'm adding my voice to those here in the hope that you will reconsider and bring back this phenomenal show.

Thank you.
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