Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Nice start to the weekend


Last night the electricity went out and didn't come on some time early this morning. So what's a girl to do in a situation where she can't fic, vid or even comfort herself with some Dr. Who? She goes to bed. *rolls eyes* I'm just glad the cold front had come through yesterday or else I would have roasted.

but I really hate lying in the quiet. I missed my fan! Bossman though decided, after the power came back on, to turn the central heating on and I nearly did roast. GAH! And he informed me about five minutes after I woke that I have to drive him to a bridge game today. There goes my saturday plans.

On the goodside though, I did have the freakiest Farscape dream though. *snicker* When are they not freaky?

ETA: If you're curious about the dream: I'd like to inform you that John and Aeryn's next child is a girl and that John is, in fact, a wormhole.
Tags: dream

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