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Wherein my brother proves he's still homophobic.

Yesterday my mom bought Brokeback Mountain and my brother borrowed it. I thought 'Yay! He's growing up!' since he knew what it was about. Apparently he didn't know just how much they were going to show.

When the first sex scene was about to happen I told his girlfriend to hurry up in the kitchen, so she comes a runnin' and sits down on top of T in his chair and kind of cuddles on him. It was an unspoken conspiracy between us. You gotta love that. *veg*

On the screen Ennis and Jack were starting to go at it and T yells, "Oh my god, are those guys fucking?! They are fucking! Turn it off!"

I just grinned, and told him now he knew why I told M she couldn't watch the movie until she was 18. T demands the DVD remote to turn it off. I refuse to give it to him and shove it down my shirt. His girlfriend doesn't get off of his lap, so he's stuck there. *snerk*

Then starts the 'fag' and 'queer' remarks. I ignore them as I usually do. I just want to see my brother squirm a bit longer and tell him to just watch the movie and don't worry about it if they're gay or not. It's a good story.

This went on every time the guys showed each other affection.

Finally even A said she didn't like the movie just because these guys were cheating on their wives to be with each other. She tried to take into account the time frame when the movie takes place, but she still didn't like it for that reason. (Before the movie started she'd told us about how her uncle hid his homosexuality from his wife until she discovered it by seeing him making out with her brother's boyfriend. Something similar happens in the movie so I wasn't sure how she'd take that.)

We'd made it only up until their first reunion and Ennis' wife discovering the nature of their friendship before T told me to take it out or else he would break it and he'd just pay mom the money back.

So much for growing up and becoming more open-minded. Mom about spewed coffee out her nose when I told her about what happened. She asked if she could use my headphones so she could watch it on her portable DVD player (the one she has for long car trips)in the bedroom.

I guess I should be more upset that T is still bigoted and will probably always be that way. But you know what? His opinion is skewed by redneck male ideologies and are stuck there. All I can do is keep pushing it every once in a while, hoping for a crack in there. My mother on the other hand, her opinion does matter to an extent. She's more unbiased and has been willing to accept the idea of different lifestyles and how they make others happy. Yay!Mom!
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