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ACK! Help!

Okay this is driving me absolutely batshit insane trying to find the title to a song from the 80's.

In the video, it was like this freaky apocalyptic city with a group of people running around and part of this group/gang/whatever...was this strange little girl with a blond mullet and bad eye make up that went all the way to her hairline. And I think she was smashing either a piano or cello, or some kind of music instrument.

For some reason I keep thinking one line of it goes: We are the creatures of the night.

Ring any bells to anyone? If so, please let me know the title so I can find a copy of it. It's only played once in a great while on the two stations that play 80's music around here and all of my google searches end up with zilch.

I was thinking of the wrong damn video! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to bashing my head in.

ETA2: It was Self Control by Laura Branigan!! *showers chocolatyshatnr with glittery sprinkles*
Tags: ack!
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