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Okay, I'm blaming the fanfic

Or maybe it's the fact my mom dug out my Merlin sword from her closet and brought it over yesterday. Stop giving me funny looks. I can't be the only one with a sword with Merlin's face in the hilt.

But I had a really cool ass SG1 dream last night. Everyone arrived to have fun in this dream. Complete with Cameron and Teal'c fighting hand to hand with someone (it was really fucking cool too), pissing off Ori more, secret tunnels that end up morphing into...a high school basketball game. You think I'm surprised? You should have seen SG-1's faces at that one. *bg* Also included was Cameron stealing Jack's car, Jack wasn't in the dream, but his car was.

Don't give me that look. I don't even know what the hell O'Neil drives! Then Landry, or it could have been Hammond, not too sure on that, but one of them stole the car back. There was something else about them finding a key in the dirt, they seemed rather excited about it. It looked like a car key. *snicker* Cameron gave Sam a ride on an office chair across a bridge. Yes, there it was just plain silly. I mean the ground was covered in dirt and twigs, the chair would never roll properly over it.

Unfortunately my alarm clock went off at that point, and I was distracted by trying to decide if I should move out of my nice warm spot under the covers, because it was an ice box in the house, and getting up to go to the bathroom. Decisions! Decisions! But I tried to get back into the dream to find up what was up with that key, but *sigh* no luck there.

At least it wasn't a zombie dream again! Which by the way, I've got 900 words on my dialzforzombies fic so far! *does happy dance* But dude... I'm still in just the set up stage. *starts to worry* When the hell is Easter again? I can't seem to keep track of that.
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