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An ode to the Season 1 Khakis...

In other words...picspam!

Another of the things I've been meaning to post lately, but just never did.

Now while I love the leather pants. Good god how I love those leather pants. *ignores fangirliness* There's something to be said for those Khaki pants that died a nobel death in Jeremiah Crichton.

Just making sure that the scene is well documented.

He likes to spread his legs a bit doesn't he?

No Khakis here, but damn he looks hot, and John is such a girl sometimes. *snicker*

Back to the khakis! Whoohoo!

John really should be in this position more often.

And yet another scene that had to be documented carefully. *wonders if you guys buy it*

Stop staring, D'Argo.

But they're right, John, you do have a very nice ass.

And we come to the end of our picspam for this Monday. I hope you enjoy the view.

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