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Tonight's SG-1

Just some thoughts on tonight's episode that I wrote as they happened.

Cute exchange with Daniel asking about how to defeat something that is pure energy, and knowing him enough already that he was bullshitting. *g*

I had a stupid grin on my face when I heard Welcome to Camelot.

I guess Ben was testing the stickiness factor of the mud when he raised his boot and looked at the bottom. Or he'd seen a dog and was checking to see if he'd stepped in doggie doo. hehe

*commercial break*
Anti-double mint twins!
Bucking chicken? Now that's a cool way of saying 'fucking' chicken. Almost as cheesy as the radio commercial for MoFuggers beer.
*end commercial break*

Regarding Cameron saying he wasn't the one fighting the Black Knight. Ha! He got one on Teal'c!

Uh oh. No Cameron and Teal'c going off together? Do I sense trouble in couples-ville? *flails*

I really liked the scene with the kids. Nice little moment there.

Cameron has a bit too much confidence in his fighting abilities.

Last week Teal'c whipped out Darth Vader on us, this week...the Easter Bunny! And he looked kind of disappointed at Daniel's comment.

oooo.. The archivist is smart for leaving.

Oh no! Wife is missing.

Double OH NO! Poor little archivist man. *lights a candle*

Cameron and Daniel? Quality Time? *bitch slaps daniel to get away from teal'c's man*

Hehe Daniel seems to know how to wake Cameron easy.

Teal'c has been teaching Cameron Kel no reaming? LMAO!



And damn he DID get better with that sword! GO CAM GO!

Squee! Teal'c's kicking ass...with no guns and handcuffed!

Daniel really should stop saying no magic.

Ori ships:

Only four?

But Whoooooa! They're beautiful and look at the killer view that Carter has!

Go for it! Shoot their asses off.

Oh shit. They are so fucked!

Cameron going to draw their fire? What is he? NUTS?!

Teal'c come to save the day with the Lucian alliance.. whoo hoo!

Shit! They're all getting blown to hell! Shit!


She's either in labor or that baby has one hell of a kick. And she looks so gorgeous there.


I really hate cliffhangers.

/ends excessive use of exclamation points.

I really did like this episode and how it was shot and.... good god Ben covered in mud. He needs to do it so much more often. *vbg*
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