Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

More screen caps for Crusade.

Now I have about 40 pictures done, mostly Ben, a couple Claudia and that freaky ass looking Ori. But yousendit is being a bitch and I still can't get on my server to upload the zip file. I'll post the link in another post when one of these will let me.

ETA: I was going to do a seperate post, but since LJ seems dead today... Here are the Crusade Screencaps.

But here's some more for now. A teaser since the only way you don't know about the towel is if you're dead.

Nothing witty to say here, just I love the way his shoulders and back look. *vbg*

He won't quit grabbing my ass!

Did Vala just fart?

Bitch, you better back off from John...I mean Daniel.

*practices 'deep in thought' look.*

Well, they do say that couples start to look alike.

Tags: sg-1 pics
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