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Last update on the Luuuuvfest. It was more than just a missing section from the ending out of my notebook. There were several sections missing. Children are either going to die or be scrubbing my truck this weekend until I can eat off the bed of it because of this.
I'm working on the last section right now. So Kern...if it seems like something is missing..scream at me and I'll fix it when I get it to you tonight. One more thing, I've finally thought of a title for this...ship filled story. Only took me a couple of months of calling it the Scorpy/John luvfest to come up with it. I think I deserve a cookie now.

Author’s Notes:
Just random thoughts after watching TS and MAA.

See Us

Whispers softly in dark corridors,
touches light within the heart.
No one can see us, no one can know...

Secrets kept within the soul,
daggers reopen old wounds,
No one can see us, no one can know...

Kisses stolen,
moments found,
An embrace and all is gone,
No one can see us, no one can know....
Tags: fic
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