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Announcing: The Aurora Awards!

For those that thought the Farscape fanfic awards, The Sparky's, were done... are right.

Well, in a way.

lizamanynames and I would like to Present:

The Aurora Awards!

We're going to more-or-less build the auroraawards on the same base as the Sparkys - though some things ARE going to change.

So we'd like to you to check out the community, if only to post any questions, comments or suggestions, this is the place to put 'em! The LJ community is NOT the actual awards website, that is still in the process of being fixed up, but we explain all of this on the info pages.

You don't have to join to participate with advice or questions, the actual request for members will come later on in the year. The most important thing is that everyone enjoys themselves with the awards, this includes the readers, the sponsors that volunteer and take the time out of their busy schedules, and the authors that are nominated, while at the same time acknowledging the best in quality Farscape fanfic that there is.

Okay, here ends the commercial. ;-)

ETA: I'd forgot to mention that with the official closing of The Sparky's, lizamanynames and I also wanted to give Jeff and Cass a special award for all of their hard work over the years, and inducted them into the Farscape Fanfic Hall of Fame.
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