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So much SG-1 prettiness

A freebie to entice you inside to see even more pretties. ;-)

Not only do I have some screen caps uploaded (114 on my website gallery), but I bring you icon goodness. *veg*

A couple obvious variations, and the base.

1. 2. 3.

Dirty Cam!

We are mighty macho men! Watch us flex our large muscles with no effort.

Yeah, boys. Enjoy the free show. There's plenty of Shaft to go around.

Cameron seems to be enjoying this too much, doesn't he?

Ahhh, the inevitable 'bootie' shot. *falls down and thanks god* *snicker*

Just...damn! *whispers for cameron to pull at the restraints just a little bit more*

Thank youuuuu. *vbg*

Hey, you look hot like that.

So do you, big guy.

Dirty, beat up, in restraints, and in a leather collar. Need I say more?

Cameron does his best ignoring the fact that Teal'c has been hiding beside him, below the bushes, for half an hour for no reason.

Cameron seems to like his big guns...

...and that makes Teal'c very happy.
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