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Those mother frakkers!

yes, i finally broke down and used the word frak.
My immediate reaction to the end of BSG:

NOT BILLY!!!!!!!!

but he was dead man walking when she said no and then got stuck in there.

i got it figured. it's all a dream!

billy will come out of the shower.
annnytime now he'll come out.


You all already know my reaction to SG-1, but I agree with kernezelda Cameron/Teal'c are so very much my OTP. *scratches head* Ain't that a kicker? *waves bye-bye to Cameron/Daniel*

But duuuudes, four words: leather, leather collars, hotslashylookingmenwithguns!

And curses to SGA for getting me to like it for Rodney! That and Weir, damn she was hot in this episode! They must do that kind of thing with her again, because I actually liked her stuck up ass tonight. *snerk*

Once more about BSG... *points to new icon*

Oh, and my dislike of Apollo is solidified. He so needs to be bitch-slapped. He's such a puss at times, and I'm talking about issues outside of his military persona. He's a good little drone otherwise.
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