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Evil!John has arrived over at halcyon_shift's. She started an Evil!John fic for me here while back Summer Holiday, well...She just finished the sequel, and it is so goddamn balls to the wall it is unbelieveable!! I was totally sucked into this story and well to be honest...I'm off to read Summer Holiday 2 again. *BG* Now this..this was a prezzie..LOL

And to everyone that sent me cards and wished me happy birthday..THANK YOU!!! *blows kisses*

ETA: I was so excited over this story that I forgot to mention that my brother, sis-in-law and Dad showed up last night and wished me a happy b-day. My brother (I'm still in shock over this) gave me a hug. My brother isn't the hug type..LOL

Your familiar is a bird...any bird. You decide. You
like to soar away from everything, and get lost
in your own thoughts. You should be like your
familiar and land every once in awhile though!

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