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wheeeeeeeee! Fun!

I haven't had this much fun in so long,it hurts. Last night I went and saw Brokeback Mountain with avenuepotter and njborba. Tonight it was Underworld: Evolution with AOM and a couple of friends of hers from Seattle, who are also Scapers. So much pretty. *shiver* I'm sure you'll here more gushing from me in the days to come about hotmen sex/drama and leather and the vampire chicks who wear them.

I could go into detail tonight,but it's almost 5am and we just got home. *yawns* I think I need a nap. hehe

Oh, this was snurched from lizamanynames

Kinky Angel Zealously Bestowing Arousing Backrubs and Yeses

Only 2 days until road tip with catherinebruce! Dude, is there like any way that we're going through Lincoln county in New Mexico? I'd loved to stop into the Billy the Kid museum if we have the time. *bg*
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