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There's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.

Yesterday was a weeeird day by starting off so badly and ending so damn good.

First of all, to those who replied to my rant and gave hugs, punching bags, chocolate, advice, and just generally let me know I wasn't the crazy one. Well, crazy in this case. ;)


I didn't reply to each of you individually, not to be rude, but because I didn't want to 'go there' again after I'd taken a nice long (and I do mean long) hot shower and felt a hell of a lot better. The rest of the day I just hopped on the computer every now and then but basically made myself a nice little mental bubble and stayed there. Some call it a coma, I like to call it: Lalalalalalalala, I can't heeeear youuu.

Then Angel of Moya called me up about 11pm last night and asked me if I'd like to come out to her place and work for the week, all expenses paid. I gave Speedy Gonzales whiplash with how fast I said yes. Then I remembered to ask for details. *snicker*




But it's a job, if only for a week, but I'll have my own money in my pocket and most importantly... and I shall stress that this is the most important factor: I'LL BE ACROSS THE COUNTRY FROM THE KIDS!!!!!!

I'd hit up lizamanynames last night and chatted her up and ran an idea by her that I'd been considering, which is...

Kaz: i was actually thinking of a new community where people can share video clip ideas for songs to do. it'll give people who don't know how or have the means to make a video to help make one. (And provide inspiration to vidders who have a song idea but not sure where/how to go for some reason or other. This point is made further down in the conversation.)
bluebanikbabe: ...
bluebanikbabe: ...
bluebanikbabe: *would OMGNEVERLEAVE a comm like that*
Kaz: what would be a good name for a video participation community?
bluebanikbabe: Community name.... co_op_vids?
bluebanikbabe: *grins*
Kaz: it would multi-fandom of course.
bluebanikbabe: Well, of COURSE!
bluebanikbabe: ..would the folks without the vid skills but with ideas get co-credit?
Kaz: yes, that would be the point of the community. it could be a way to inspire vidders if they're stuck on something. and it'll give the viewer a way to participate in making a video. i figure people could post the lyrics to a song, and folks would reply with a clip idea for lines. There could also be techy talk if they feel the need to. ie: this could be a nice line to have it fade or look purple. You get the idea.)
bluebanikbabe: COOL!
bluebanikbabe: Also... what if you've got vids practically scripted out, but have *NO* tech to do it with?
Kaz: of course the poster of the lyrics would put their own ideas in initially if they have any. or be like me have a killer song idea, but no way to execute it.
bluebanikbabe: *nods*
Kaz: in that case, post the ideas, and folks could weigh in. especially vidders. but each person would get credit, but only the editor would be listed in the end credits but pointing the way to the comm so that all can get their credit who participated in the creation.
bluebanikbabe: *nods* okay, that makes sense

bluebanikbabe: Though it might be a good idea not to submit these to vid contests like Burbank...
bluebanikbabe: Heee!
Kaz: why not Burbank? because of the money thing?
bluebanikbabe: *nods* yeah
Kaz: got a point there.

It's still just an idea, I figured I'd get some input from you all, since I'm brain-fried since I haven't slept yet.

Okay, I need to get finished packing. Wooohooo! Actually that's reserved for when I leave, not for the packing since I can't stand to do that. hehe

ETA: The final Sparky's list is up, and I'd like to make note that thassalia's fic Everybody's Gotta Have a Comeback is now in the short category. I'm still trying to figure out there was such a big difference in file sizes since I'd done as Jeff did and copy/pasted the fic into Word.

Here's the final darkfic category, with change if you need it.
Tags: community ideas, getting out of dodge, sparkys, vidding

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