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Okay...here's the deal. I'm still working on this damn story. LOL I haven't gotten much done due to two factors: 1. I found that most of the ending I had written is GONE from my notebook. I don't know if it was the kids that did it..but they are the primary suspects since I no longer have a bedroom door that locks. And 2. It's my birthday, and I've sat around waiting for someone in my family to freaking remember it.

Well, my mom surprised me by actually making the cherry cheese cake I bought last week. Whoo Hoo! I finally got the cheese cake..and it only took 6 goddamn years asking for it to get it. (Now maybe one of these years, someone will actually want to take me to dinner for my birthday. It's only right, I mean I take them out for theirs.) Then she told me I had to put the whipped cream on it before she took the kids to the movies.

I waited all fucking day for her to tell me happy birthday...hell anybody in my family to tell me this. No one has yet. I even took a nap because I got tired of waiting. I don't take naps during the day...sucks up too much time. Mom has now taken the kids to a movie I've been wanting to see for a while now. The Haunted Mansion. Yes, it's a kids movie..I don't care. I haven't seen a movie in months.

So here I am sitting at home, broke, eating Jello no bake cheese cake alone. Please tell me when the fun ends...I don't want to miss it.

End of venting.

Now, I have to remember all the detail I had for the ending of this story.

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