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Video Re-edit: Moya's Ride

This was the first video I'd ever done, which I can't believe it's been almost two years, and while proud of how it came out, I've always wanted to redo it with better quality clips (also sans skiffy watermark). So this morning I started putting it back together. The only difference is that I've added one clip from PKWars to reflect that period in her life with the crew. That and I've changed several of the transitions since I was using Premiere back then and of course I was a newbie and didn't know how to properly use the editing software.

The original reason I picked Moya for my first video was because everyone else gets a video about them, so why not the lady who takes care of them when it counts most. And that reason still stands. She's gorgeous, and has just as bad of luck as John, and has seen some amazing sights since she was freed from the Peacekeepers.

There's nothing fancy about this video, I'm just showing Moya off. ;)

Music is Edubae by Enya.

Moya's Ride.


Last night I finally got to see the SG-1 episode Heroes. I ended up in tears, and not because Janet was a favored character. In fact, she irritated me a bit because there was so much room for her character other than just the medical jargon. Anyway, it was the performances of everyone that really got to me. I watched both parts again a bit ago, and still got choked up.

Yes, I admit it...I'm a softy.
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