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Look, kids, it's Wally World!

The last few days I've had to go get my bro's girlfriend from work. Usually, I get there and she has to finish up her side work before leaving, so I've been taking the opportunity to write a bit in my notebook, and also tweak some older stuff. Anyway, last night, A and I went to Walmart to get a couple food items since the grocery stores were closed. We were just looking around despite only needing a couple things from there, and talking about various family stuff going on, A says something that reminded me of the song Superfreak. and I start goofing around singing it and kind of doing a little...I really wouldn't call it a dance...and getting the strangest looks from people.

A few minutes later, we were walking along and she grabs her chest shirt pocket. I asked her if her phone was vibrating. She said she wasn't sure (its her first cell phone and not sure how it works), leaned against me and said, "I thought it was you." Just at that moment an old guy walked by as I said, "Oh was I tickling your nipple baby?' and he just busted out laughing which caused A to almost fall on the floor laughing.

Antics continued through out the store as she looked for ideas for gifts, including me putting on a black faux mink stole...for a toddler. Not sure if it looked more like a dickie, or a cape that was washed in too hot of water. :D

A wasn't sure whether to laugh or worry.

I love doing that type of thing to people. hehe


I've been recording Angel each morning, determined to actually get to see the entire series. Today they showed the episode Hellbound, and I freaking loved it! I love Spike anyway, but this one was excellent.

I love his interaction with Fred and how he responds to her trying so hard to save him. The scene with Spike and Angel where they're talking on the couch cracked me up only for the fact that Angel admitted he liked Spikes poetry, but it was Spike's reaction to that killed me. "You liked Barry Manilow." Kind of like he was insulted. *snicker*

Spike was cool as hell giving up his chance to be 'solid' again to stop Pavayne. Go! Spike!

The story was just very well done with the spooky factor, and so it shall be one of my favorites for a while. *g*

One last thing...When the hell does Spike become corporeal again!?!? I've actually done very well not going to look for spoilers during this whole thing, watching seasons 4 and 5.. but dammit! I gotta know now, it's driving me NUTS!


I heard from catherinebruce yesterday, and though I could barely make out what she was saying since we kind of had a crappy connection, I did find out that she's going to be leaving New York soon and will be home for a short time then off to her new assignment in Arizona.

So hopefully we'll have her cheery self back posting on lj. I miss that chick too much.


A couple of days ago my dear sweet mommy gave me my Christmas prezzie early, a digital camcorder. BWAHAHAHA!

One way that I can think of to thank her for such a lovely present is to make her one with it, so I've started to make a home music video to Gretchen Wilson's Redneck Woman. It's the one of the few songs that both, she and the kids, love. I'm hoping to find some way to also get some of her old home movies of my sister and include them in it. They were filmed on mom's camcorder, but the tapes are different than what mine uses, so I need to get them converted to a computer file to use them.

ETA: Oh! I forgot to post this link when I mentioned the camcorder. This is the first little piece that I recorded. It's my newphew H being himself. (Eminem looks with Jim Carrey personality)

Just ignore my stupid laugh.*g*
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