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Fic: All For Love

Author's Note: This was written a few months ago for catherinebruce to keep her awake during an overnight shift. It's now beta'd thanks to thehallway, who puts up with my horrible grammar. Sorry for the bad Bryan Adams title, it was all that popped in my head this morning. *g*
Setting: Goes AU after Prayer.
Rated: PG
Disclaimer: Not Mine. If it was, we'd have a Farscape channel.

All For Love

There once was a boy named John. And John had this girl. He loved his girl. A lot.

So much that once he offered up the universe for her, her name inscribed in fire along each of its borders.

Species, even the ones that he'd never heard of, were extinguished in the blink of an eye.

Because of love.

John gave into the idea that he was a weapon for the knowledge he possessed. He never really understood that power was false. It hid itself behind the confines of right and wrong, of virtues, and those he shoved away.

Locked them up deep inside, to keep himself safe. Sane. It manipulated him, because he didn’t comprehend, and twisted inside, until the true power revealed itself in the form of a planet singed, that withered, turned black and died because it did not know the answer.

No one knew the answer. No one could tell him how to bring his girl back to his arms, back to the living.

One by one they fell; a planet, a small system, the entire galaxy.

They burned, screamed his name in fear, begged for mercy, and cursed Aeryn Sun with their dying breath.

They continued to fall until he found his answer, lying in a tomb. Preserved for all eternity, stomach laid open, their child gone. And yet she still lived.

Never truly sleeping, yet never awake enough to know what was real in her world.

The torture and nightmares had been unending while she’d waited for him, believing his promise never leave her alone. She trembled in his arms as he urged himself to move faster, to mend the gaping wound in the center of her stomach.

Her words had no real meaning. She babbled of their burned and bleeding children lying in fields of flowers that only grew on earth, waiting for them to come home, trusting that they would be cared for.

Above an orange flame, John bathed her, tended to the wound, and saved her.

His princess.

He cradled her, comforted her from the shivering that would be there for days, months to come.

He whispered his love, his devotion. And one day he whispered that he had something to show her, a gift. Turning the chair, he let her see the world burning below; slowly turning to ash as the wormhole just on the other side slowly touched the nearest white dwarf. He could have caused it to end swiftly, but there was no justice in a fast death.

No time for reflection on what they had done to her, to him, and their unborn child. A child that would never see sunlight filtering through trees as he played beneath them. A child that would never grow up and have his own children to pass on traditions.

Yes, they needed to reflect on the wrong they had done to the Crichton family, and pay homage with their agony as currency.

When the heat and gravity’s pull became too intense, he backed their ship out of orbit, but his eyes never left the tiny world. A voice in the back of his mind reminded him that was just one of many that had to compensate them for the life that had been stolen from their happy little family.

Setting in new coordinates, John lay down next to Aeryn, her head falling to his chest, arm snaking its way across his bare chest, and he imagined he could still hear the screams of the dying.

After a moment, he realized it was only wishful thinking.
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