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Scared of Clowns?

If you are, I can see why. Kept dreaming about psychotic demon clowns for some damn reason. Totally threw my whole day off.

"Come on, John. I need you to wake up." The voice said quietly, sending a chill up Aeryn's spine. It was a voice she hadn't heard in almost a cycle, one that she hadn't realized she sorely missed.

Gripping Johnny's clean shirt tightly in her hand, Aeryn approached the galley quickly when she heard the voice replaced with a gurgling noise. Entering the room, she saw Johnny looking at a projection that suddenly faded out.

"Play it again! Play it again!" Johnny said excitedly to the DRD in front of him.

To which the droid quickly obliged. The projection displayed itself once more, and Aeryn found herself staring at D'Argo sitting on a bed beside an unconscious John, wiping blood from the man's face.

"Oh, John, my friend. I need for you to wake up now. Pilot and Chiana are dead, and Jool has disappreared," D'Argo said solomely. "If I cannot find her soon, I have to assume the Energy Rider has killed her as well."

Johnny moved positions apparently to get a closer look at the images in front of him and noticed Aeryn standing in the doorway.

"Rin...look. Daddy on tv!" He looked back at the figures in front of him for a moment before asking, "How is the doggie playing tv?"

"I don't know, Johnny," Aeryn answered as she watched what was obviously Johnny on the projection barely open his eyes and began to cry when he saw D'Argo in front of him.

"Shhh...shhh...Why are you crying? Are you in pain?" A moment later, Johnny fell back unconscious. D'Argo let out a soft hiss in frustration, but continued to sit beside his companion patiently.

"Come on, John. I need you to wake up." Without warning, D'Argo fell backward from the bed. The only sounds coming from him were choking and gurgling as Aeryn watched him levitate in the air. His body remained that way for several microts before settling back onto the floor.

Johnny laughed as D'Argo awoke and stood up. Without a word, the Luxan turned away from the Human lying on the bed and the projection faded from view.

"Play it again. Play it again." Johnny shook the DRD, but the image would not display itself. He looked up at Aeryn and asked, "Can you make him play it again for me, Rin?"

Closing the distance between them, Aeryn picked up the DRD. "I will have John look at it for you, maybe he can fix it." Clutching the droid close to her as if it were a precious gift, she gave Johnny the clean shirt she held in her hand.

Curious, she asked, "Johnny, do you know who that was on the display?"

His voice muffled as he pulled the shirt over his head, "Daddy and a funny man who did magic."

Finally this story has re-taken its place at the front of my mind. Maybe I can get some of these scenes typed up and out of the way. I swear, if I have the bright idea for another long story...someone shoot me.

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