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My girl is coming to Burbank! *hugs catherinebruce*

Since I was tagged by lvp3

1. I like to eat mashed potatoes with dill pickles.

2. When I can't sleep, I make up stories in my head and play them out like a movie until I drop off.

3. I plug my ears and cover my eyes when something is too funny.

4. When doing dishes, I go nuts if someone puts a dish in the sink instead of to the side because I have a system of washing them.

5. At the store, I'll pick out something I like and put in the cart only to put it back after walking through the store, or if I make it home with it, I'll return it the next day because I feel guilty for buying myself something. My sister used to take my receipts from me when I'd buy clothes since it would be like a year in between new outfits.

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