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Adventures in dog owning...and kids.

Well, Mini is now doing better it seems. Yesterday afternoon mom and I had to hold her while trying to get some liquified Rx dog food down her with a baby syringe. Unfortunately, one of the kids had gotten it from the kitchen drawer and broken it, so we had to play with it some to get it to work right.

Then to our surprise, Yoda tried to...how to say this delicately...do her. Yep, our baby girl is now in heat. It was a good thing the vet told of the possibility that her first time might be 'dry' and we'd have no real indication other than Yoda trying to mate with her. Thank goodness she was asleep and he didn't know what to do with it. He kinda ended up doing it to the blanket she was laying on. (All together now....ewwww.)

Then we had to explain to my 7 year old nephew D what was going on, and why they can't do that. Fun!

So we put Mini in the dog carrier we have and Yoda kept yipping at the door. A little bit later on, my niece H was eating some thinly sliced turkey (the packaged kind for sandwiches) and then took Mini out to hold her and suddenly the puppy went crazy trying to get to the turkey, so H gave her a small piece, and kept giving her more until Mini had enough.

Thank god she's got her appetite back! She's lost so much weight in the last few days and we felt so freaking helpless. So now we think that it was a combo of the hormone changes with her going into heat that caused the illness hit her so hard. I've never seen mom so relieved to see her puppy eating.

Right now I have my brother's kids walking them both, and Mini is jumping and skipping as much as Yoda is.

One last thing... LJ has this cute little Halloween motif going on in their top banner. Nice touch.


Also there are some possible casting spoilers for SG-1's 10th season here.
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