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Watching Invasion last night. I realized that my favorite character is Sheriff Underlay. He's kinda creepy. The guy playing him, William Fichtner, used to play the nerdy scientist guy on Grace Under Fire, and the captain of Bruce Willis' shuttle in Armageddon. Actually, he's been in a few movies, but I haven't really liked in him in anything else other than Grace Under Firee because for some reason I couldn't take him seriously in a drama, I kept picturing him as that goofy love interest.. But in this series, I don't see that at all and he's freaking awesome in it.

ETA: Could anyone point me to any airline deals below $250 in order to get to Burbank? I keep looking at Hotwire, which is supposed to be the cheepest place to find tickets, but still eep!
Tags: burbank2005, invasion
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