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Some thoughts on SG-1.

I've been watching all of the SG-1 episodes when they're repeated each afternoon for the last couple months. It's become a regular part of my routine to turn the tv to it and watch it while finishing to make dinner.

I'm kind of irritated that they're interupting SG-1 with the 13 days of Halloween. It wouldn't be so bad if they'd only show decently made movies that have been repeated on every channel 30 times, a majority of them on Skiffy itself.

Monday night they showed a few episodes that I'd seen years ago on their first runs, and they were some of my favorites that I'd forgotten about over time.

Crystal Skull - That was a great episode for the fact we got to see more into Daniel's family life, or lack there of. You could see that Daniel felt guilty by not sympathizing with his grandfather more, even though both men were so much alike. I don't usually like the actor playing Nick, but in this I really loved the way he portrayed the man.

Ascension - Another good character piece this time involving Sam and how lonely she is and puts herself into her work to make up for it. When she shares herself spiritually with Orlin, it kind of wakes her up and she sees what she's been missing out. At least that's the way I read it. But I love that she remains a good soldier and doesn't keep it from Jack.

Upgrades - This one was just fun to watch because the characters were having fun with it. I love seeing Daniel tells Anise, "I can read really fast." He was so damn proud of that. *snicker* Then I'd have to say I loved his reaction to the 'tough guys' in the bar and being called 'geek'. That still makes me giggle like crazy thinking of it. But I like the way Vanessa Angel played her, though her transitions from Anise into Freya seemed a bit overdone. It wasn't too distracting though.

Wormhole X-Treme - I'm not too thrilled with. Nothing against the episode itself, it's just that those types of episodes I don't like too much. I pretty much have the reaction I do with comedic impersonations. I think they're funny, but I end up feeling embarrassed for some damn reason and I have to plug my ears and close my eyes. Yes, I'm a freak, I've heard it from my family for years. :P

ETA: I forgot to mention that there is a new edit of my video Fading Away for Burbank. Only changed out one or two clips, and improved a couple of the fading transitions.
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