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Ya baby!

Just doing a quick post before bed. Good news about Yoda, he's acting like his old self. Still doesn't like the prescription dog food, but who would. *g*

Howl-O-Scream was fun, I'm sore as hell and on the last roller coaster I rode, the Kumba, got stuck on the way up the first hill. They said it was because someone unbuckled their seatbelt. eh I still loved it, despite the hour and a half wait in line.

The haunted houses were pretty bad ass. A couple of them seem to have an S/M kink thing going on, reminded me some of the old Hellraiser movies. Then they really got fun after a had a 'yard of beer'. *vbg*

And the show we saw called Fiends was cool as hell, and Dr. Freakenstein (not a typo) pulled M up and danced with her. There was a breakdancing mummy, disco Dracula, and a lounge singer mummy. I knew every single song on there, but the topper was when they started to sing the time warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show. hee!
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