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After a couple scares today, Yoda is doing better. He finally started eating a little bit ago and is holding it down! *vbg* He's also started playing with his sissy and on the way to being his old self. He still doesn't like the prescription dog food, but he is going up and eating several bites at a time.

Tomorrow night mom is taking me and M to Busch Garden's Howl-O-Scream. It was originally just going to be me and mom, but I need someone to ride the roller coasters with since mom can't. Personally, I like Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights more, better showmanship, but I'm not going to bitch since it'll still be a lot of fun.

I'm almost done with the rendering of my video submissions into MPEG2 for Burbank. For some reason the .avi copies were darker than the .wmv copies, but I've lightened them up a tad in Premiere so they can be seen easier, and appear more like the originals.

While all the kids are gone tonight, I'm going to try and get down my story for the Scorpius ficathon. I have a good idea where to take it, now I just have to see if I can actually do it.
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