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We had to take Yoda to the vet this afternoon because he'd become very lethargic, won't stop shaking and wouldn't eat or drink anything. He had a fever of 102, and after blood tests and an IV to get some nutrition in him, the Dr. said he had a gastric-intestinal virus. Probably from the fact that Yoda had started eating his own feces a little over a week ago, probably because he's not getting enough nutrients and this was a way for him to try and get it. Mom explained that he and Mini only eat Purina puppy food, and it's forbidden for the kids to give them table scraps. This is one rule they actually listen to.

He was given antibiotics, prescribed a special diet, as well as vitamins. We were told that if he doesn't start to eat by tomorrow afternoon, we have to bring him back to be hospitalized to get fed intravenously.

So if you guys are giving out some good vibes, send some to my baby too.
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