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Lord help me

I think I have found the geek luv. *g*

Downloaded and watched my first epis of Jake 2.0, actually it was the Premiere of it and epi 5. Tried to download more since both my connection and Pip were cooperating, but for some reason it didn't work. I'll try later today.

Can a person explode from excitment? I got my pic of Ben holding up my story and smiling as he's showing Gigi the cover. It's been a week since it happened and 2 days since I got the piccie and I'm still bumpin my head on the ceiling. Then to make yesterday special. kernzelda finished Stepford 3!!! Okay, I am definitely excited about this story. I swear I need to get my butt in gear and type up the Luvfest. Especially since I'm on a little writing spree these past few days. I wrote something like 5 pages yesterday on the Crais section of 2 Johns in between being 'enforcer' to the kids, cleaning house and downloading. I do think I shall reward myself a nice hersey bar.LOL

Had a totally freaky ass dream last night, most details are fuzzy except for a couple. It took place in like a fishing community (felt like Maine, but I've never been there). There was a lot of rain, so people were rushing back home to help maintain pumps for the home of the poorer families lower and closer to the tide.

Now, is the freaky part, because I'm split in it. I both watching it as my adult son from a store front carrying an armload of supplies and myself driving in my car down the hill through the main section of town. A semi in front of me, but going up the next hill, suddenly wrecks and the logs it is carrying breaks loose and one of them comes at me. Last thing I see is this log coming at me seconds before it smashes into my car. Then the dream is only me in my son as I'm trying to get revenge for some reason against the truck driver of the semi that wrecked. I think I'm stopped, but I can't remember how. Then there's the whole 'save the homes from the ocean' deal that was also going on in the dream. How's THAT for a messed up dream?

ETA: Con Pics! http://f1.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ktoph1969
Ignore the drunk girl in the purple. Can you sue an airline for losing luggage and making you wear something like that.

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