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If you haven't done this yet, then head over to the blog for Fireside Entertainment. Brad Keller, the director of A Killer Within, has set things up to give those that are interested... a peek into happens while making a movie. Hopefully, that'll include the movie Connected that Ben Browder is supposed to start sometime this year while SG-1 is done filming for the season. God, I hope I remembered that last part right.

From the various interviews he's given, Keller seems to be a smart dude, so I'm interested in what he has to say and figured there might be some folks on my flist that might be interested as well.

And why isn't anyone on my flist talking about the series Medium? I thought last season was damn good, and they've seemed to have decided to try and screw with us a bit and pull out the serious angst. I'm really loving it. So go watch on Mondays!!

/end pimpage.

One final note here. I'm also enjoying the show Invasion, so anyone got any thoughts on it so far? It appears to be improving with each episode. So I have high hopes for it, but that's also the kiss of death and I know that as soon as I get really into the characters, they'll cancel it on my butt.
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