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Just one more... I swear!

This game is EvOL! http://www.freegames.ws/games/boardgames/mahjong/mahjong.htm

I'll spend hours playing with it just to get the pretty erupting volcano at the end.

I'm supposed to be straightening things up in the house since the cable guy is coming over to inspect one of our TVs that we discovered is broken where you screw in the cable for...well, cable. The entire plastic casing in that area is caved in. I found out last night when I was unhooking the digital box to exchange since it lost power again and never came back on.

Mom complained to BrightHouse yesterday when she took the box in so they're sending someone out to see if it can be fixed. *rolls eyes* Not happening. The fixing, I mean. It would need an entire new back to the tv.

I've had VH-1 on playing in the background and I heard this singer's voice and rushed to go see who it is. His name is Marc Broussard and I must have his CD. Or anything by him. His voice is just so freaking GUH!

If you haven't heard him yet, check out some of the samples at Island Records. Home is the one that caught my attention this morning.
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