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beep beep beep beep beep

That's what I've been hearing off and on since yesterday afternoon. Our house alarm has gone fucking NUTS. It doesn't help that I sleep in the room with the damn speaker for it either. The damn thing has been deactivated for over a year and the account closed, then it suddenly starts doing this. Mom took the casing off of it, and it appears some of the wiring is chewed through by a mouse. She said the only thing we can do since it's hooked to our electrical system is to wait for it die on its own. WTF?

I think my brain is leaking out my ears now.

Oh, and is it just me or is LJ being crazy again. Half the time my flist isn't showing new posts. I don't know that anyone posted until its mentioned to me and I have to go to the LJ of that person to see it. This includes my own.
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